facilities coordinator



Paris, Florence, Rome, Barcelona & Madrid.

Job description:

BlueStripe is Europe’s leading provider of study abroad housing. BlueStripe provides American-style comfort and customer service, allowing students to live like locals in apartments shared with other students.

The Facilities Coordinator works to ensure that all apartments are furnished and equipped according to our BlueStripe standard, and that any problems in the apartments are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Downloading maintenance requests on daily basis, adding in any additional requests that come through phone calls, staff in communication with partners/students, and team members in the field

  • Constantly triaging requests and dispatching team members or outside contractors to handle issues according to urgency, geography, and other criteria

  • Communicating in a timely manner with students and partners who request maintenance and/or whose apartments will have BlueStripe-initiated work done, while keeping relevant BlueStripe team members apprised of all interventions

  • Regularly tracking progress on project-management software as items change and team members/external contractors report back after doing work

  • Liaising with external contractors hired to handle maintenance issues; contact and dispatch when needs exceed internal team’s capacity, getting approval of costs in advance and debriefing contractors/collecting invoices after work is done

  • Accompanying external contractors, insurance agents, and other non-BlueStripe personnel to student apartments for maintenance work or other interventions

  • Reporting potential and real customer service concerns as warranted

  • Preparing apartments for future tenants by furnishing them and signing up electricity or Internet contracts

  • Tracking water damage records if necessary

  • Preparing maintenance and cleaning schedules for each apartment and communicate with cleaning companies (i.e. prepare keys)

  • Documenting all apartment damages post check-out for communication to clients

Skills & qualifications:

Strong candidates will be:

  • Handy and willing to get hands dirty

  • Willing to take initiative and find creative solutions when situations can’t be easily resolved

  • Creative and resourceful with a practical way of thinking

  • Able to function autonomously, multitask, and stay on schedule

  • Outgoing and customer service-oriented

  • Flexible and able to work effectively in a fast-paced and evolving office

  • Enthusiastic about working with a young, fun, and flexible team

  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English and French/Italian/Spanish

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Valid full-time work permit

  • Valid driving license

  • Experience in tourism or hotel management would be a plus


Contact us:

Please send your resume and cover letter, as well as the city to which you’re applying (Paris, Florence, Rome, Barcelona or Madrid) to careers@bluestripeliving.com