Study Abroad Housing Specialists


BlueStripe is specialized in study abroad housing, so we offer accommodation that works for your student.

We partner with an array of universities, study abroad programs, and other institutions to provide housing solutions that are perfectly adapted to student life abroad. Our housing dates work with your student’s academic schedule, our apartments are grouped in locations that make the commute to school easy, and we can pair students with apartment-mates from their school or program. We also provide housing for students from institutions that don’t currently have a partnership with BlueStripe and help them find their community by matching them with apartment-mates.

BlueStripe also offers several housing categories—shared rooms, single rooms, locations that are extra close to campus—to adapt to each student’s style of living.

Reliability and Service

BlueStripe delivers consistent, quality housing and reliable service, proving support each step of the way.

We view parents and guardians as partners in the preparation and experience of our residents. Your support and ongoing communication with your son or daughter both before and during their program can be an instrumental part of their success. We are here to answer your questions before and during your student’s stay in Europe.


Focus on Safety

BlueStripe places students in accommodations that meet our high standards for quality, safety and convenience.

We regularly review our housing facilities and health and safety policies to mitigate risks and ensure that your student is safe and secure during their stay abroad. Families should keep in mind that BlueStripe operates in big cities, and standard big-city smarts are required by anyone who lives there. We address this during orientation. All of our apartments include important safety information so it’s always on hand for our residents, and we are on call at all times.


Ongoing Support


BlueStripe is there with your student every step of the way.

Our local student services staff is there to answer any questions and help with the logistics of settling into a new country, and we are available 24/7 for emergency support. Our own maintenance team is there to fix any problems during your student’s stay, and we guarantee alternate housing in case of major maintenance issues.


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