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BlueStripe is specialized in study abroad housing, so we offer accommodation that works for your programs.

We work with many universities, study abroad programs, and other institutions, as well as with direct-enroll and independent students, to provide housing solutions that are perfectly adapted to the lives of students studying abroad. BlueStripe also offers several partnership models to suit the needs of each program. Our housing dates work with your academic schedule, our apartments are grouped in locations that make your students’ commute easy, and we can pair students with apartment-mates from their school or program.

BlueStripe also offers several housing categories—shared rooms, single rooms, locations that are extra close to campus—to adapt to each student’s style of living.

No-Hassle Housing

BlueStripe offers simple solutions for university and study abroad clients and their students seeking to live and study abroad safely and at a value-conscious price.

We’ve built strong relationships with universities and educational providers and are regarded as a preferred supplier of quality student accommodation in Europe, bringing experience and trust to the market. BlueStripe is member the Forum on Education Abroad and our staff maintain NAFSA memberships.


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Our all-inclusive housing means universities and study abroad programs can focus on their educational mission, while leaving the housing to us!

BlueStripe works with universities and study abroad providers in wholesale partnerships, and house faculty-led groups and custom programs. We can also provide special services according to each partner’s needs.


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