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BlueStripe apartments and services are expertly designed to meet the needs of study abroad students and their parents, as well as universities and study abroad programs.


Everything is Included

  • No requirements for a guarantor
  • Twin beds
  • Fast and reliable wireless internet
  • Attractive buildings in great locations
  • Fully outfitted kitchen
  • Living area with soft seating for everyone
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Spacious apartments
  • Online, on-call maintenance service
  • Safe and secure apartments and locations
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Check-in service
  • A welcome packet that explains everything
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    Great locations

    BlueStripe apartments house 2-8 students in single or shared bedrooms. All are located in the historic centers of European cities near main cultural and entertainment areas, as well as within an easy commute to class.

    We offer ‘Preferred Location’ apartments located in exclusive, centrally located neighborhoods within a short walk to our partner schools, as well as additional services including:

    • Cleaning service

    • Laundry service

    • ‘Easy Landing’ packages

     Our High Standards


    BlueStripe carefully selects apartments that combine the best of the city’s historic charms with modern-day conveniences.

    All of our apartments meet our rigorous set of standards providing consistent, reliable amenities to each student. Our apartments’ neighborhoods are carefully considered for safety, and we have developed a firm set of apartment safety standards that adhere to each country’s regulations and meet international expectations, with the students’ well-being our top priority.

    Our Services 

    Our dedication to providing comprehensive services frees students and study abroad administrators to focus on their academic and international experience.

    • Our multilingual, multicultural staff is available to help students throughout their time abroad.

    • Our own “on-the-ground” maintenance teams are on call to resolve any problem.

    • Our industry leading health and safety procedures take every potential incident into account and provide protocol for immediate response.

    • Our own facilities management teams inspect, maintain and/or renovate all of our apartments to ensure they meet our high standards.

    • Our partner universities and study abroad programs approve all apartments before they are assigned to students.

    • Our students and academic partners have access to a 24/7 emergency service line.

    • Our thorough check-in process includes practical local living information, making students feel confident in their new home from day one.

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    Our Community

    BlueStripe is more than a place to live while you study: it’s also the opportunity to meet other international students and form memorable friendships on your European adventure. BlueStripe offers theme houses and activities to help students find their communities while abroad.



    BlueStripe housing is available both to exchange students who are looking for housing independently, and to students coming to Europe through organized study programs who work exclusively with BlueStripe.

    If you're a student or intern looking for housing on your own, you can start the process by sending a reservation request for the city where you’ll be living.

    Students living with BlueStripe through our institutional partners will be placed in apartments according to the specific needs of their program, and in most cases will not need to register with BlueStripe directly. If you are a faculty member or other organizer of a university, study abroad, or study-travel program and would like to learn more about housing your group/s in our apartments, please contact us.


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